In Cabin Airline Travel

Wagner travels by air in a Celltei pet carrier

Wagner waiting in the airport
(Photo courtesy of Lori C.)

Most Celltei®pet carriers are designed for in cabin airline travel. Specifically, we have considered the following:

  1. Structure - Flexibility to fit the available height underneath the seat varied on different airplane models. Yet, A stable interior space without the carrier's roof caving down onto the pet
  2. Dimension - A wider body that makes it easy for the pet to curl up and turn around at will
  3. Security - A secure closure to keep the pets from forcing their way out. The design should allow the pet to maintain eye contact with the owner as well as make it easy to open just enough space for the owner's hand to reach in to soothe the pet sometimes.
  4. Maintenance - A way to contain liquid in case of accident or not enough time to walk the dog before boarding
  5. Features - Accessibility to water and proper storage spaces for documents and such.

Structure and Dimension

Celltei carriers are comparatively heavier and bulkier than other brands' for good reasons:


Not visible to the user, three plastic support sheets are inserted between the surface fabric and lining (A). Together with two plastic tubes wrapped by the surface fabric that line around the window and entry door (B), they provide the basic support of the carrier. You can compare this structure to a house with a plastic cloth for roof. It stands but doesn't have the beams and security of a real roof.

A pair of semi-rigid plastic panels are provided for roof support (C). they can be bent and pressed downward to fit the available height underneath the seat (see picture on right showing a large size carrier being pressed downward substantially without collapsing in the mid section). Depends upon the airplane models, the available height underneath the seat varies, some may have an electrical or life vest box toward the back that takes up a couple more inches of space. The flexible panel structure is an ideal design that gives your pet the maximum height available. When these panels are pressed downward, the body of the carrier (the width) will expand outward slightly which is never a problem.

Height Requirement - Each airline has different dimensional requirement which in some cases, also varies depending upon the flights (or plane model to meet the travel capacity on that route). You should check with the airlines you plan to travel with to see what the requirements are first. Please remember to inquire about soft-sided carriers and not the hard plastic cases. Often, the given height is about 8" to 10", which is shorter than the fully expanded (with the panels snapped on) height. As explained above, you can simply put your hand atop the carrier and easily have the carrier's height pressed downward to meet this requirement.

Length Requirement - Up to the medium size, most Celltei carriers fall within all airlines' length requirement. If your pet need a size larger than the medium size, please check with the airlines first and also check our Custom Designs for possible solutions.

Width Requirement - Most Celltei carriers have a wider body than other brands' with comparable length but it is still within the various airlines' requirements. The wider body can allow your pet to curl up more comfortably and compensate for the length shortage your pet may needs. However, the width is also THE dimension that makes the carrier look bulky. If your pet is long but skinny and that you would rather carry a slim carrier, you can customize for you. The following pictures sent by Sarah in determining the size of a customized carrier best illustrate the point.

Airlines have tightened their dimensional requirements lately and some have also imposed total weight (weight of the pet plus the carrier) requirement limitation, please do check with the airlines first before you buy a travel carrier.


Our pets are our side-kick, they follow us everywhere if they can and always look at us for the next "instruction". The top and side openings would allow them to look up and see us. With the auto-locked zipper, we can also open just enough space in the top opening to reach in and pet them when they show signs of anxiety. Here are some examples of various Celltei carriers places underneath an airplane seat:

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