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"We love our bird! Her nickname is Lozi, short for Lozikozana which means 'ventriloquist' in Zulu. I am South African, my Husband is British, we moved to Denver, Colorado 2 months ago and had to leave our Ringneck Parakeet with my parents in SA because we could never put her under the stress of a 20 hour flight, 45 days of quarantine and extreme weather differences. She is 2 years old and just the most fun loving and occasionally cheeky bird we know and have come to love deeply. My dad absolutely adores her and they have a great relationship and to show him how much we appreciate him taking such good care of Lozi we want to get him a bird carrier!came across this bird carrier idea through the African Grey shop website and I was instantly amazed! Why have I not seen or heard of this before??? It is such a brilliant idea and if these were available in South Africa it would have been one of my first purchases! I understand this competition ends October 2010 which by this time we would have mostly likely purchased a bird carrier, however my hopes are still to win another - not for selfish reasons - but because my dad recently adopted another Ringneck Parakeet as he has become so fond of them and unfortunately the two birds do not see eye to eye and remain in separate cages. So I hope we win this competition because it makes me so happy to think about my parents walking hand in hand along the soothing beach shores, under the African sun with their new extended family members! " ... Cheri W.

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