Pak-o-Small Detailed Features

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Pak-o-Small Detailed Features

  1. Double headed zipper with auto-locked device
  2. Detchable Interior support panels
  3. Elastic strap to hold water bottle with despensive tube (water bottle not inclused). Since airlines disallow bringing liquid on broad, we have changed this feature. We have added a grommet with a velco cover on the back wall to allow the insertion of the water dispensing tube through the grommet. The water bottle is now attached on the outside.
  4. Four D-rings for strapping sleeping hammock or envolope
  5. Privacy side curtains
  6. Mesh lining (for sugar glider only)
  7. Front window mesh and cover. They can be help open by velcro and secured by zipper (all zippers have double-head with a locking mechanism
  8. Detachable and ajustable shoulder strap
  9. Detachable floor try set
  10. cushioned handle
  11. Car seat belt loops
  12. Based support studs
  13. Detachable and adjust velcros on the carrier

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