A discreet Worldwide Travel Carrier for Harlow, a 13 lbs. Wire Fox Terrier


Custom Made for a 13 months old Harlow, a Wire Fox Terrrier currently weighs 13 lbs.

Base Model and Size: Celltei Paws
Material & Trims: Black Microfiber and smooth webbing trim on top
Lining & Mesh: Black lining and Black smooth mesh
Reference Model: CM 23590

0) Add Hand-Cut Fee 
1) Change dimensions to 19" (16" Top) L x 8" (5.5" Top) W x 12" (11" interior) H
2) Pewter Leather trims only on top of the front pocket and underneath the side mesh window
3) Square Top, mesh with two zippers and cover
4) Side opening in the front only (when the carrier is being carried on the right shoulder)
5) Closed mesh window in the back, add water bottler holder for bottle of 9.25" circumference
6) Draped down cover on the sides
7) Silver fasteners, nylon zipper
8) Shoulder strap length to the edge of the carrier is 31" , includes a square leather cushion
9) Add storage for hand warmer with two compartment on each of the inner wall
10) Add D- ring to the top and a detachable shoulder strap
11) No change to the zipper pocket - add inner storage compartment
12) Flat Front pocket with storage compartment:
a. iphone 7 size
b. 3 credit card size slot to the side of the iphone-7 compartment
c. for a roll poop bag horizontally placed with a small grommet atop (poop bag roll diameter is 4")
13) Faux Fur padding inside
14) no Celltei logo
15) add detachable shoulder strap with pewter leather on the pad