Airline Carrier for two birds - A Congo African Grey and a Lineolated Parakeet


Custom Made for Milo, a male CAG & Piper, a Lineolated Parakeet

Base Model and Size: Bird Airline Carrier
Material & Trims: Cordura(R) Peacock color
Lining & Mesh: Grey Lining with Stainless Steel
Reference Model: CM23168

1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
2. Increase length to 18" (i.e. 18" L x 10" W x 11.75" H)
3. Add a divider at 12" to the left and 6" to the right with the lower 4" covered
4. Allow attachment of a 12" lengthwise (diameter 1") perch at Milo's compartment and a 6" perch (diameter 0.5") at Piper compartment
(we will still include two 10" perches for Milo)
5. Two water bottle insertion holes with cover
6. Include two 5oz stainless steel cups for Milo and a smaller 3oz plastic cups for Piper