Airline Carrier for two Yorkies of 6 to 7 lbs each


Custom Made for two Yorkies 6/7 lbs.

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-Pet - medium 
Material & Trims: Black Cordura(R)
Lining & Mesh: Black and black smooth mesh
Reference Model: PH003Black

0) Hand cut fee 
1) Have two opening on top 
2) Moved the front top opening upward (small opening) to make more room for a front storage compartment 
3) Add a 2" thick storage compartment in the front 
4)Have the back pocket made in similar way as in the front with depth 
5) zipper pocket on both sides with 1.5" thickness
6) Add a removable divider with the top half being stainless steel mesh , use 1.5" velcro 
7) Two Air conditioning storage pouch, one on each side 
8) Two inside leashes 
9) Fully open on both side 
10) No cellphone pouch 
11) Water Bottle insertion hold on both sides
12) shorten backpack strap by 4" 
13) two small fluffy floor pads and to separate tray sets 
14) Use short YKK pullers