Airline Carrier with Stroller for Two Terrier mixed Dogs of 10 to 12 lbs


Custom Made for two dogs both terrier mixed of 10 to 12 lbs.

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-pet - medium 
Material & Trims: Black Cordura(R)
Lining & Mesh: Black and netted mesh
Reference Model:

0) Handcut fee 
1) Increase length and depth to the final size of 19" L x 13" D x 11.75" H 
2) Change structure to have a large top zipper opening as large as possible. The top opening just needs to have 1 zippered cover in mesh. The roof support panel will go from bottom to bottom for vertical support of 2.5" wide, can be trimmed narrower if needed and removable. The approximate open area is 9" x 16" centered. 
3) Add 6" expandable back extension with a mesh window area on the extension 
4) Make both sides of bag full fine netted mesh 
5) Make the mid section of the front mesh 
6) no front pocket, no backpack strap, remove side external water bottle holder, no cellphone pouch 
7) Fluffy floor pad in Black and White checker pattern also cover the extended area 
8) Add extra comfort strap 
9) Two inside leashes attached to the side separately 
10) May add an aluminum bar across and a set of detachable hard plastic frame for support if we feel that the finished product needs more structure
11)Converted a baby stroller for use with the carrier