Airline Travel for three very different Birds


Custom Made for airline travel with 3 very different birds: Genie (similar to Starling), Gonzo (Magpie) and Buddy (Cockatiel)

Base Model and Size: Pak-o-bird Airline carrier 
Material & Trims: Royal Blue Cordura
Lining & Mesh: Grey color lining with Stainless steel mesh
Reference Model:

0) Hand-cut fee
1) Increase length and depth while keeping the height to 18" L x 14" x 11.50" 
2) Add two stainless steel mesh divider with the lower 3" covered making each compartment of 6" L x 14" D 
3) Add additional opening on both side mesh area 
4) Add mesh area on the top back with a cover 
5) Add zipper on back closure 
6) Perch positions when facing the front of the carrier expecting the bird facing the back of the carrier:
a. Left compartment for cockatiel - 7" from front - 0.75" diameter
B. Center compartment for Magpie - 8" from front - 0.75" diameter
ac. Right compartment for Starling - 7" from front - 0.6" diameter
7) Cup positions - two per compartment - one on one side of the compartment, one toward the back wall for adding water through 3 Grommet holes above
8) extra four cups and two perches - a total of 6 cups and 3 perches