In-Cabin Airline Travel Bird Carrier - Standard Size

Ship within 1 weeks. If a badge style monogram is accepted, can be added in one day. Please call for urgent need.
Celltei Bird Airline Carrier for a African Grey Joupityr

"Joupityr's here, over over!"
(photo courtesy of Kirah)

16" (16.5" with tail pouch) L x 10" W x 11.5" H (can be compressed down to as low as 8" high so as to maximize the available height that varies amongst different plane models)

Weight:  3 lb. 5 oz. including:

  • Shoulder strap 4 oz.
  • Wide support panels 8 oz.
  • Floor panel 3 oz. (removable to reduce weight)
    Additional weight:
  • Stainless steel cup 4 oz. each
  • Dragon wood perch 5 to 15 oz. (depends on size)

Perch Hole position:
2" above floor and 6", 8", 10" from left (with the front window opening face forward)
4" above floor and 4.5" and 8.5" from left (with the front window opening face forward - for food cups also)

Detachable parts include:

  • One shoulder strap
  • One connected wide support panel
  • One plastic floor panel
  • Two 5 oz. stainless steel cups
  • One dragon wood perch (all included)

 Designer Notes:

Celltei® Pak-o-Bird In-Cabin Airline Carrier is a horizontal design like a dog carrier. A foldable pouch is optional for extra room a bird with a long tail would prefer. It looks like a regular hand-held luggage to allow safe travel without drawing attention. It also offers the essentials for a comfortable journey for you and your bird!

It is light in weight. The top opening allows your bird to keep eye contact with you while the carrier is placed underneath the seat in front of yours. A flexible plastic support system allows the carrier to be compressed downward to fit the available space without collapsing. A front window flap and two side curtains can be lowered to cover the openings.

Inside the carrier are a few D-rings for strapping a bird toy or two. Insert the water bottle dispensing valve from the outside through a side grommet, your bird can have water anytime without creating a mess.

Please get the carrier ahead of your scheduled flight to acclimate the bird. You can put it on the floor of a moving vehicle to get your bird used to the vibration and noises.


Date Completed:     Spring 2004

The tail pouch when unfolded, offers the extra room for a bird with long tail to have the tail needs. To be foldable, this mesh used in this area is the flexible nylon mesh that can be chewed up. As such, it is not suitable for very active birds.