Backpack Pet Carrier for a Dachshund riding on the back of a Scooter - Large


Custom Made for a dachshund riding on the back of a scooter
Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-Pet - large
Material & Trims: Khaki with black
Lining & Mesh: Black
Reference Model: PH003Khaki
1) Add a flap 3" high in the center lower back to slide into the back rack - as the back will be strapped down to the bottom it can't pop out.;
2) Add two side-released buckles with adjustable strap extended from the bottom side of the carrier at 4" away from the back and two D-rings located at the same level but 6" apart from the center for attaching the bottom rack measured at 12.5" wide and extended out 8.5"

Date Completed:    March 2010