Backpack Pet Carrier for a Motorcycle Ride with a 31 lbs. Springer Spaniel - XL


Custom Made for 31 lbs Springer Spaniel
Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-pet - XL
Material & Trims: Red
Lining & Mesh: Black
Reference Model: PH003
1) A sleeve design of 2 7/8" deep x 5" high x 6 3/4" bottom and narrow up to 5 3/4" that can slide down the motorcycle’s backrest to secure the bag. When it is not being used, a pair of zipper can be zipped up the 2 7/8” side to a flat configuration. A snap hook and D-right with an adjustable short strap is added to the side to hold sleeve down by having the strap looped around the motorcycle’s backrest frame.
2) The current handle position is widened to about 10” apart with an 1” buckle added to the front bottom for attaching another strap that can be looped around the front saddle bag bar on the bike.
3) include a 1" wide inside leash

Date Completed:    May 2013