Motorcycle Rides with a Cocker Spaniel in U.K.


Custom made for a Cocker Spaniel: 15" front to back, 16" floor to base of neck, 21" floor to head, 22" lying down with his paws front out ; about 24 lbs weight.
Base Model and Size: Tote-o-Pet - medium size
0) Hand Cut Fee:
1) Materials & Trims: Black color Balistic Nylon
2) Lining & Mesh: Grey interior, side cover in black; Black netted mesh
3) Increase base - 20” base length (the longer middle length is 22” ) x 13”W x 14.75”H)
4) Add front strap and the back padding similar to that used in the Pouch-o-pet
5) A short handle across the roof
6) Interior floor padding of 1" with fleece bottom
7) keep side pocket, both with zipper closures
8) NO front pocket
9) Add reflective strip along the front pipping and on strap (on back of the body)
10) No support stud on the bottom (avoid scratching the big bike)
11) Waist strap with minimum of 40" adjustable to minimum 54"
12) Enlarge top opening
13) move inside leach position to the bottom front and have the leach made adjustable with a heavy clasp
14) made top opening open toward the back, support bar will move accordingly. Add a webbing grab handle.

---Severus "flew" over fence

Date Completed:    July 2016

The first bag was made smaller. : :As Gareth is in U.K., we agree to sell the smaller carrier in our site as Special for him.    Changes made to the first carrier is listed on the right.