Bird Carrier for a large Amazon attachable to sit atop a grocery shopping cart


Custom Made for a 15 years old large yellow napped amazon to have the Pak-o-bird fit atop a push cart when grocery shopping with the family

Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird - ML 15"
Material & Trims: 1680D Gold
Lining & Mesh: Grey lining with Stainless Steel mesh
Reference Model: PB002ML15"

- change two dimensions to 17" Long x 18" Deep x 22" high (perch length is 17" width 1" diameter set at 8" above the floor)
- add velcro attaching loops to four points on the base and two to the front and back side, one to the center of left and right sides, and one at 7" above the floor toward the left and right back corner for attaching the carrier to a personal shopping cart frame - a total of 8 attachment point (waived)
- insert a corrugated plastic board to the interior base