Double Bird Carrier for Amazon Parrot and Eclectus

Bird Carrier to hold Two Birds in Two Separate Compartment
Special Made for: Muddy, a female Double Yellow Headed Amazon and MaiTai, a female Eclectus
Base Model & Size: Pak-o-Bird - Double -Medium size
Material & Trims: 1680D Nylon Green
Lining & Mesh: Grey Lining with Stainless steel mesh


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee (waived)
  2. Perch position at 6" above floor across
  3. Four cup positions at 10"; the cup set on divider for Muddy (left side when facing the carrier)
    is set farther from the perch toward the front)
  4. Divider is reinforced up to 11" from the floor
  5. 1" perch
  6. Monogram: "Muddy" on left (when facing the carrier) and "MaiTai" on right in Gold Color