Bird Travel Carrier for Two senior Nandays and a disabled Severe Macaw


Custom Made for 3 handicapped birds: A 34 yrs old Nanday Conure Sherbert with gout and bad arthritis, a 22 years old Nanday Conure Pudgy with severe gout and a disabled severe Macaw
Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird Airline carrier with no tail pouch 
Material & Trims: Green 1680D Nylon
Lining & Mesh: Grey with stainless steel mesh
Reference Model: PB004
0) Hand cut fee 
1) Change length to 18"
2) Add divider in the center 
3) Perch position - A roll of 8/9 perch positions across the bottom set at 1.5" above floor and 1.25" apart
4) Cup position - set at 1.75" above the perch
5) Water bottle position - 2, each set at center of the back wall
6) comes with two cups and six perch of about 0.75" to 1" thick

Water bottle sold separately