Double Bird Carrier for Two Harlequin Macaws

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Custom Made for two Harlequin Macaws
Base Model and Size: Double bird carrier built up to 38" high, 22" across (11" width for each bird) and 15" deep
Material & Trims: Gold 1680Denier nylon
Lining & Mesh: Grey with stainless steel mesh
Reference Model: PB002Double
1) includes two cups, a base bar and wide panel set
2) includes wingnut holders
3) includes Two 11" perches as well as One 22" straight perch (to be used without the divider or the customer will need to add an opening on the divider)
3) Monogram: "Harley" on left and "Boomer" on right in Black color

Date Completed:    May 2016

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