Chinese Chow Main - 8" x 9"

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Sunshine: "Hornet, are we having Chow-main for lunch?"

Hornet: "Sunshine, mom said we cannot eat so much noodle, carbs make us fat!"

Well, these three wooden bowls are just too cute for a crafted bird toy.  The paper rolls, leather strips, small plastic toys (hm... it should make an interesting picture for a Grey to hold a pacifier inside its beak!)  and wooden pieces; there are a lot in this design.  We can't wait for the birds to shred the rest leaving us the bowls to serve them their daily treats such as ... pasta.. veggies...little bit of rice...

Size:  15" x 8"  (38.1 x 20.3 cm) 

Made in China          by King's Cages

Materials:    Wooden bowls & blocks, rolled papers, plastic pieces, leather strips, sisal rope

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