Hiking Backpack with Extra Ventilation for a Tall Maine Coon Cat

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Started with: Hi, I called last year, hoping for an extra large cat carrier/backpack...guess it hasn't come in yet. Anyway, I am hoping to find a carrier/backpack, not necessarily for airline use, which will comfortably accommodate my very tall Maine coon cat. It would have to be well ventilated, and enclosed...Can you help?

In between: What do you think about the enclosed picture with the XL size? What color/fabric you would want - Black, Red orange or Khaki? it will still be a backpack with all the internal structure to provide support comfortably to you and your Maine coon. As such, the mesh opening will be in the middle of the front. As it is a backpack, it will be close to full length mesh on both left and right size but the back remain not open. There is a/c compartment (for inserting ice or heating pad) and water bottle feeder holder inside (part of our new production's standard feature) as well as the side curtains and the water proof floor set. There will be six (five will do also) detachable wheels as well. The backpack strap is detachable and a cellphone pouch is also our standard feature nowadays.

Ended with: I love my new carrier!...we hiked for 2 hours yesterday w/ great. Teri. L, NYC

Base Model: Backpack-o-pet - XL size $349


  1. Hand cut fee +$80
  2. Change Structure to allow extra mesh area +$80
  3. Full mesh on the door side+$30
  4. Change both side pockets/storage +$50