Pak-o-Bird - Side Guard Set


Well, all birds nib but some have such a curious mind that they need to 'taste' everything.  Yes, we are talking about the naughty Caiques, the busy Greys and very cuddly Cockatoos that want to physically be with their human buddies.  Other birds do chew for fun but having added the wide panel for the front opening does offer the protection in most, not all, cases.

We introduce the side guards in May 2019 after seeing the damaged areas from carriers returned for repair.  Most damaged areas on the side are near the cups and the vertical strips.  So, how can we out-smart the birds?  Here are the options:

  1. A 4-piece set - It is to cover these areas likely for those who have already used the carrier and see some damages.  The side guarding pieces are held in piece by the perch and cups.  If the perch hole position is low such as the modified medium size for the Greys, you would need to choose option 2 below with the grommet set.
  2. A 4-piece set + Grommet Kit (include 4 additional grommets we used) + a pair of nuts & bolts - Same as 1) above but includes the Grommet Kit and nuts and bolts for adding an additional grommet on the top of the center strap to hold the center side guarding pieces in place.  Please see the video about using the Grommet Kit.  
  3. A 6-piece set + pair(s) of nuts and bolts appropriate to the size - It includes two additional pieces to cover the back fabric strips behind the cups.   We assume the customer has a grommet Kit or way to add the needed attachment grommet to hold the guarding piece in place.
  4. A 6-piece set + Grommet Kit + pair(s) of nut and bolts appropriate to size - Same as 3) above but includes the Grommet Kit and nuts and bolts for adding additional grommets to hold the guarding pieces in place.


Sorry, if this seems confusing, you can always call us at 1-718-388-8882.  We are here to help.