Pet Travel Carrier for a 8 months old Capuchin Monkey


Custom Made for a 8 month Capuchin Monkey
Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-Pet (lite design structure) - medium size 
Material & Trims: Blue Cordura(R)
Lining & Mesh: Grey and stainless steel mesh
Reference Model:
0) Hand cut fee 
1) Increase width and height to 13.5" and 19" (final size: 16.5" L x 13.5" D x 19" H) 
2) Chagne all mesh to stainless steel mesh 
3) Eliminate front pocket and extend the front mesh downward 
4) Use metal zipper and puller that can be locked. Use double layers of mesh for the front opening. Add zipper to the cover. One side of side opening is closed together without zipper
5) Use strong cordura(R) fabric for all internal binding 
6) no water bottle holder, no inside pouch/pcoket/leash, no privacy curtain, no velcro inside 
7) no floor tray but thicken the floor pad. 
8) Double stitiching wherever possible 
9) add multiple small eyelets to the upper back for air ventilation
10) with draped down curtain in the outside

Date Completed:    July 2012