Stroller Frame with Matched Tray for a Medium Backpack-o-Pet

Coverted Pet Stroller for dashing through the Airport
Special Made for: A small dog frequently fly in-cabin
Converted Base & Size: 13" wide Stroller Frame converted from an average priced baby stroller
Material & Trims: Cordura® grey
Lining: Grey Lining
Weight: 9.5 lbs


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
  2. Fabric match the grey color of the pet carrier
  3. Two strap to buckle in the pet carrier after placed inside the tray

Date Completed:    October 2016

Converted from an average priced baby stroller, a tray is added for placing the medium size Celltei backpack. Two straps are added to secure the carrier in motion

Begin with:

We have used the medium size backpack for many years and the dog has been to many places. However, it is getting heavy, particularly when waiting on the long queue in airport. We want a stroller that we can wheel it all the way to the gate.

No problem, we can make one that matches your backpack.