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"I love animals and having a pet is part of my daily life. This is why I purchased a Celltei carrier because I often bring my cats along. Especially my Maine Coon, Rasmis (born 21.11.2007) loves to come with me. Rasmis is really cool and you can bring him with you anywhere. I’m a veterinary student at the faculty of life science (previously called The Royal Veterinary and agricultural school) in Copenhagen. I often bring “Rasmis” with me to school. If I have lectures I’ll place his carrier on the chair beside me and he’ll sleep or lay quietly through the entire lecture. Travelling, by bike is one of his favorites. Picture nr 1 is taken at campus today. I often use a group room for studying and Rasmis will come along as company (picture nr. 5). When he gets tired he finds his carrier and goes to sleep – picture nr. 6 and nr.3. He’s the perfect passenger when I’m driving the car – picture nr. 4. Last week I attended a gathering at a Danish animal welfare organization gathering. That I brought my cat wasn’t a problem – picture nr. 2. Molly, my other cat (born 31.08.2009) is probably a Persian mixture but it is uncertain as I got her from a shelter. She is not quite as outgoing as the Maine Coon because she’s a little more insecure. Despite this, there are still quite a few places I bring her. She really enjoys coming along in the car picture nr. 8 and nr. 9 (I’m on a parking lot and not driving). A minor problem is that she prefers to sit on the lap! It was very difficult choosing which pictures to send you. I hope that you like my selection and I definitely live with pets and the Celltei carrier makes us able to do it in style." ... Sarah G.

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