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"Rockay, AKA, The Rock Star, Rock-I, Rocket-Man, Rockenstein etc. was found by me as he was running through traffic in a rural area of Central Florida in 2006 (estimated birthday July 18th, 2003). I scooped him up and after not seeing anything posted about an adorable lost chihuahua, claimed him for myself and whisked him back to a big city life in S. Korea for one year before moving to Germany (I teach second grade on a military base in Stuttgart, Germany.) This boy has more air miles than most humans I know and has been to: S. Korea, the USA (multiple times), Germany, Italy, Austria, France, the Czech, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia. He LOVES to travel and goes EVERYWHERE in his Celltei "Bye-Bye Bag." All I have to say is, " Get in the Bye-Bye bag!" and he self loads via the top hole in the bag! I love your bags!!!! They are so easy for him to get in and out of and people light up when they see him with his head poking out of the top of the bag. I while away the hours in airports by watching the little girls wander by. When their eyes alight on him in his bag...well, a puppy in a purse?!?! doesn't get any better than this for a little girl and they come UNGLUED! I love to watch them squealing and giggling as they approach him and to tell the truth, this is most adult's reaction too, even the men! Your carriers are the best of all, dual purpose, everyday use and air travel, well-built and ergonomically perfect for both the pet and the human! I recommend them to everyone I know with a pocket pooch! The first pic is of Rockay in his first Celltei bag, secure enough in his masculinity to travel in a pink purse. The second photo is at the Bad Durkheim winefest (in his second Celltei) as he looks on while we enjoy a glass of wine and the local delicacy, flammkuchen, a type of thin crust pastry with creme, ham and onions on the top. I have dozens of pics of him traveling in his bag!!! ... Julie F.

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