Yeva's Plum, Sugar Lollipop & Panda (2006 Winner)

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"The new pink Fantasia Pak-o-Pet I got yesterday (for my pug Plum) was a huge hit. My cat took the carrier as her personal bedroom and moved in as soon as I put the bag down. All my pets loves the new carrier so much that they were literally fighting for the chance to be inside. Our human fighting with other candidates for a rent-controlled apartment in co-op pales comparing to that. Everyone in my family was very impressed with all the options and etails thta Celltei bag offers. I loved many different handles options, the removable roof supports and my pets loved the soft fleece bottom lining [addition accessory]. In my opinion your brand is much better than [other]." [A day later]: "Plum had learned to timeshare the pink bag with my cat and they sleep in there in turns. (sugar Lollipop gets very impatient when pug overstays her share). My second cat Little Pamda has discovered the joy of a pink carrier too, so right now both cats are sleeping there together."

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