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"My Umbrella Cockatoo, Buddy flew through a few homes before landing in my home with me 23 years ago. My Blue and Gold Macaw, Ziggy flew to me from one previous home before landing in my home 7 years ago. Buddy is the Love Sponge and Ziggy is the Comedian. Choosing only one photo among many from over the years that depicts our "Lifestyle" together was not easy however this one recent shot I believe comes the closest to simply summing it up as any "one" picture could. We are close, we are social, we travel visiting cities, beaches, mountains, we hike, we climb, we fly, we play, we cuddle, we do yoga, we do aerial acrobatics, we laugh, we love... I am a lover of a form of Yoga known as Acro Yoga. In this style of Yoga one person takes the position known as the "Base" and the other takes a position known as the "Flyer". In this picture I am positioned as the "Flyer" in what is known as "Bird" pose. Buddy and Ziggy make this the "Triple Bird" pose. My "wing men/birds" one on each side (they are both boys) . Not everywhere we go is conducive to carrying them upon my wings/arms so we hope to have a wing and prayer to win a carrier that will help support our Lifestyle together for a long time" ... Krista

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