2012 "Let me tell you about my Pet"

First Bird Tray
What is Macaw
First Pak-o-Bird
Birdie Pouch
Birdie GOGO
Yes You Can!

Each pet is different and how we are willing to spend time and interact with them also make them different. Dogs are loyal, cats are independent, birds are intelligent - these are only generalization about how special they are. They are in our heart. Tell us about yours and perhaps how you make them "extra" special!

One winner will be chosen to receive a FREE Celltei product(s) of up to US$500. Another two will receive a FREE Celltei product(s) of up to $250. The value of the award can be applied toward the cost of a customized Celltei product. Former contest winners are not qualified to win again but are welcome to send in their pictures. The deadline for submission is December 20, 2012.

Thank you for sharing with us great pictures and many heart warming stories. This is a very tough contest. Our team has been going back and forth for long time and finally reached a consensus and picked the winners. Here they are!

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