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"I am not just a pet. I am the caretaker of the family pacifier." My name is Paris Precious Pink. It is quite a tongue twister to my owners, but I know who they mean. I am a 7 month old Female Shih Tzu. My canine daddy is named Mikett and my canine mommy is named Peachez. My human mother owned my great grandmother on my daddy's side too. Her name was Janskeifuh. I have a 7 year old "Lhasa Apso" brother named Rascal and a 9 year old "Boxer" sister named Gracie. We have a great time together. If you haven't already noticed, I am the baby of the family and I sure hope it stays that way for awhile!! Hopefully they will get me a Celltei bag so I can be with them all of the time.

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