2007 " I am not just a Pet but ... "

First Bird Tray
What is Macaw
First Pak-o-Bird
Birdie Pouch
Birdie GOGO
Yes You Can!

Thanks for joining the year 2007 picture contest. Five winners have been selected. Every employee at Celltei has voted. For this year selection, the final score is calculated based on the title story, the picture and also the opinion of the youngest member from each employee's family. Here are the five winners and that "I am not just a pet but ...:
  • a big fluffy pillow
  • a miracle of life
  • the missing piece of my family's puzzle
  • a hard-working girl
  • a life saver
  • your security blanket too
  • my mom's best friend; honey bunnies; miracle dog; little blessing; art deco
  • a teacher
  • a sexy babe
  • a super hero; a super model
  • a kung-fu fighter
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