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"These are two of my Pets: "Jemma" and "Allee" they are Biewer Yorkshire al a Pon Poms. These are their "Mardi Gras" outfits. They both work with me in our "Florida Aid to Animals" Public Relation dept. I discovered Jemma love to play dress up when she was about 6 months old and it was something I never would have thought of myself. She would get excited whenever I put the boys belly bands on. Finally one day I brought her a dress, which let to another and another. Then I introduced Hats and Sunglasses. When I became involved with our Public Relations dept it seemed natural to take her to all our events. She has become one of our ambassadors for the clinic which is a Low Cost Spay and Neuter with Affordable Health Care for our County's Pets. She along with Allee are being certified as Therapy Dogs so they can go to Senior Citizen Homes and Hospitals. " .. Sandi H.

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