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"Please allow me to introduce you to Itsy. Itsy is a purebred Chinese Crested and she was born March 1, 2008, and was given to my by my friend who is a breeder of Chinese Cresteds. At that time, Itsy was 5 months old and could not walk on her back legs. She was totally walking on her front legs. She weighed 1 lb 6 oz. After x-rays and a great deal of brainstorming between my vet and myself, we decided that the only way Itsy would ever walk was to fuse her rear legs. So, after two difficult surgeries and several months of maneuvering with pins in her legs, Itsy was ready to try out her new rear legs. She was quite the trooper. Now, Itsy runs and plays and is one very happy little girl. She weighs just over two pounds and totally has her mother's heart. " .. Julie D.

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