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"I wanted to tell you something extraordinarily special Alex did. Alex B. Toklas is my African Grey. The night my mom died, I came home around midnight and was still crying a lot. The house was empty and quiet except for my two American Eskimo dogs, who were trying to console me by licking the tears away. All of a sudden, in the silence, Alex asked me, “Are you okay?” I looked at him for the longest time and finally said, “I am now, Alex.” It was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever had. Alex clearly knows what he asked. When he falls in his cage, I always ask him if he’s okay. Alex is not just smart, he’s the Alpha here at the house, he’s hilarious, sings, makes up songs, talks all the time, but most importantly, what I learned is that birds have compassion. That moment changed my life and my wonderful relationship with Alex forever and ever and always. Thank you." ... Sukey S.

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