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"I was living in NYC during “Sept. 11th” 2001, and I remember thinking later, “It’s been 3 months since then. What good thing could possibly be happening in the world today?” On March 6th, 2002, I fell in love with Baby in a pet store in New York City, and asked her, “Would you like me to take you home and be your Mommy?” Imagine the feelings of gratitude and wonder that went through my soul when I turned over her tag and saw that she had been born the very day that I had asked myself that question. A miracle happened that day! My daughter was born! Baby and I are enjoying our 11th year together. She’s an amazing little one – very smart (she responds better to full sentences and explanations, and tries to talk), very talented (she sings with me when I warm up my voice and also does amazing tricks) and very loving and fun! She loves people, especially kids, and they love her! Riding in the baby swing at the park with one of her little friends is a favorite activity of hers. When she was a puppy, I used to put her in the stroller with my friend's infant daughter and I think that left an imprint on her, because she's crazy about babies! Baby loves going places with me in her Celltei bag. It means she gets to “go bye bye with Momma”! She likes that much better than staying home. It’s her home away from home. She likes to sit up in the bag with her "arms" hanging over the edge and just hang out. This weekend she went with me to a kids’ musical theatre production of “The Little Mermaid” in her bag. She sat in it and watched the show through the holey part at the end of the bag. Eventually I got her out of the bag and held her, because she got too hot in there. Luckily things had been dark and quiet in the theatre for awhile and our neighbors didn’t mind. It was hard to keep her quiet though as she loves to bark when people clap -- I'm not even sure she knows she's a dog! She also has been to the movies with me in her bag – her favorite: Legally Blonde 2 (lots of dog scenes!)! Baby also loves to dress up and is wearing here a little sundress I made for her. She also loves to cuddle up on a basket of clean laundry! Smart girl! I hope we win the Celltei contest so I can get Baby a new Celltei bag that is a little bigger for her to enjoy long plays more comfortably, and so everyone can see how cute Baby is and how much she loves her bag! " ... Judy E.

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