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"Charlie, my blue fronted amazon, is about 42 years old. I've had him for about a year and a half. I work at an avian & exotic veterinary practice and he was given to the clinic when his care taker was getting on in her years and could no longer care for him. Honestly, I never really considered having a larger parrot and was happy with the budgies I had, but Charlie picked me for some reason. Mostly I think it was because I was the one feeding him in the mornings and we all know food is the fastest way to an amazon's heart. He was an easy bird to fall in love with anyway since he's got a funny personality, and his former owners were German so he speaks English with a German accent. Luckily, my boss lets me bring Charlie to work with me every day, so he gets a lot of social time. I'm still the only one that can pet him, but he really enjoys all the activity at the clinic. The staff is also entertained all day with his goofiness. At home his favorite past time is cooking. I set up a perch for him in the kitchen and he enjoys being the taste- tester, giving his approval by saying "Mmm HmmmMMM, Charlie likes it. That's goood!" He's also got a thing for using his molted feathers to scratch his head." ... Jen S.

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