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"G'day everyone my name is Chiquita I'm a black Pekingese and I'm 7 years old my birthday is the 21st febuary. I love going to the park for walks and love to run from tree to tree leaving my mark just in case I get lost mind you well that's what mum thinks anyway! I love my baths but my grooming takes mum about 3 hours so I'm not to keen on that part especially when she finds knots eww I hate those things mum is gentle but they still hurt mum just says to me to stop being a wimp not that I know what that means?. Other things I love to do is playing with my feathered sister shes a red breasted galah cockatoo we play ball but she breaks the rules sometimes and bites me when I go to get the ball then she laughs at me other times I can have the ball most of the time she loves most of the attention but mum makes sure we all get quality time with her one on one. I love going for car rides especially when we head to the pet shop because I meet lots of other friends there I can play with. Oh yes the beach oh my yes I just love chasing seagulls down the beach I don't know what I would do with it if I caught it but I do try to mum just laughs at me so I guess I made her day another thing I love to do is chase cats I just about got one one day but mum came outside and gave me a fright so I missed catching it grrr parents they sometimes spoil all the fun.

G,day let me introduce myself my name is Meisha I'm 3 years old my birthday is July 10th and Chiquita is my brother I also love to go to the park but mostly I prefer to walk around the streets with my mum so sometimes we do both when it's a nice day. I love to play ball I always wake mum up with a tennis ball in her face first thing in the morning I'm kind of her alarm clock shes not always happy when I do this I don't know why as I know she loves to play ball just as much as I do the ball is my most favorite toy in the world I also love to meet mum when she gets home from work I'm waiting at the gate with my ball in mouth she always kicks it around for me. I like the car but not as much as my brother Chiquita does but I always go with them as I'm scared I might miss something if I don't.

I don't like meeting other dogs but will put up with it if I have to because if I go mad at a dog mum gets mad with me and I don't like that I love to make her happy because if shes happy we are all happy. Oh yes I do love my baths mum has attached a picture of me and Chiquita in the bath I hope you all like it Another thing I love to do is chase hedgehogs I get very excited when I find one." ...From Chiquita and Meisha

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