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"G'day how is everyone ? Let me introduce myself I'm Rozie a Galah cockatoo: from Christchurch , New Zealand I am 15 months old. My new mum ( Donna ) adopted me from my old family 5 months ago as they could not look after me anymore because of the earthquakes we have been having here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We lost our house well our whole neighborhood really as it is getting demolished soon along with most of Christchurch and my old parents could not take me with them to there new home because my cage is so big they wouldn't get it in the door they have moved away from here now and as they had lots of other feathered brothers and sisters to find homes for as well but some of them didn't survive the earthquakes I think I'm one of the lucky ones aye.

I love being with my new mum Donna as she is so much fun we have clicker training sessions and she thinks shes training me but little does she know I'm training her hehe but shhh she doesn't know this! and I get all the treats as well so I see it as a win win for me .

I love playing with her heaps she is so funny she cracks me up laughing all the time and she's teaching me to talk I can say a few words now like good morning sexy,hello,OI come here,give me a scratch,rub my tummy but she wont teach me to swear hmm I don't know why?.

I also love to go out with mum as I love the car but my cage is so big I only have been to the vets and back but I would love to go for walks with her and my other family members ( dogs ) Meisha 3 years old and Chiquita 7 years old as I love to be with them all the time if I can I do go outside and watch her do the gardening in my big cage and that's really cool because I just laugh like crazy when the dogs chase cats from our property. Oh I also like riding my horse my mum says hes a black Pekingese I don't know but hes fun when I get on his back he just go's around and around in circles and try's to buck me off I think we should join a rodeo heck we might win as I hold on tight ye ha .I also like to play soccer in the lounge but it's a bit of a race who gets the ball first gee the dogs beet me most of the time but once I have it I wont let it go till I'm ready. So as you can see I'm an easy friendly relaxed going Galah and mum says sometimes I think I'm human.

So as you can see I would love a celltei Pak-o-bird so I can go for walks with my family but most importantly get out of the house FAST if we have more earthquakes here as I am very scared when we get those big ones.because my cage starts rocking ,rolling and rattling all over the lounge, I also love watching TV my favorite channel is Animal planet my next favorite is the music channel as I just love dancing and singing." ... Bye for now Rozie

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