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"Harlequin, "Harley" for short, loves to travel! She is a Quadruple Grand Master in TICA (cat show organization, Master is the equivalent of Champion)- not bad for a kitten who started out born to a feral mom and found in my garden. I found her and her 6 littermates when they were just 3 weeks old, they were in bad condition and may not have made it otherwise. Harlequin got her name because she has split markings, half orange and half white, on her face and her lips and mouth are half black on one side and pink on the other divided down the center, which reminded me of a jester or harlequin. Harley is the smallest kitty from her litter, 3 of the kittens were able to find homes but we ended up with Harley and three of her littermate brothers remaining here. Harlequin is a tiny girl but she makes up for it in personality, she is very playful and outgoing, and loves dogs and other cats. She loves to go for car rides but not in a carrier(gets carsick if enclosed) so I got her the smallest dog seatbelt harness they had so she could travel safely. Besides cat shows we also go to fundraisers and pet events, and she dresses up in costume for pet Halloween parties (I have some cute photos of those here: ) She also likes to explore new places and go for walks. Harlequin is training to be a therapy cat to visit nursing homes, but she would love to win this contest so she can travel in style and safety, and maybe she would share with her 3 brothers." ... Lizzi K.

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