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"This is Greg (human) and Koko (other wise known as her majesty). They are quite the pair. Koko was a gift from the kids and myself a couple years ago. She came to us from a man who could no longer tend to her! Amazingly enough he picked us! She came to us in a small cage and only ate seeds! Fast forward and now she enjoys a large 40x30 macaw cage and eats just about anything Greg will eat! We have been wanting to buy her a Pak-o-bird but between raising 2 children and 3 yrs ago being diagnosed with cancer it just hasn't been in the cards. I would love for my husband to have one of your packs for his beloved girl. She LOVES going places with him as well as was a great source of companionship when I was very sick (she moved into the bedroom with me so neither of us would be alone during the day). She plays all day with me and then in the evening has snuggle time (as pictured) with Dad! My husband works very hard and has done so much for our family this past couple years! It would be great to see the delight he would have in one of your packs! Thank you and I hope we win!!!!! You can use either pic. It was so hard to decide which one to use!" ... Michelle S.

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