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"Hi, this is me, Kwiebes. I’m almost 2 years old and the American translation of my name is “crazy guy”. I like to live with my nice family in the Netherlands: Father, mother and 2 sons (13 and 16). Most of the year I’m inside of the house, sitting, hanging and playing on my Yavatree with lots of toys. But I prefer the sun! I always say: “Mmmmmm, sun is shining, nice whetter!” Perhaps when there is an airplain flying over my house. Then I say: “Stop, got a headache!” You see, this is my garden, “home”. When I’m outside, I’can here Rico whistling. He’s my neighbour’grey and we whistle alternately. So, I like to be outside, but the whetter in the Netherlands is not always very nice. But whén it is: I’ll be there. That’s why I would like to have a Pack-O-Bird! Then I can go everywhere with my family, in the car, on the bike, go for a walk and..................I will be never more alone at home on saturdays, when everyone goes to the soccergames. I will go with them and yell: “GOAL!” ...Brigittle

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