Mafer, a handsome schnauzer joined family in NYC

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"Mafer is a special dog born on a special day. She was born on Christmas but was a gift to my wife on her 15th birthday, ever since then she has never been apart from her until 2009 when my wife came to the united states and married me. We got married on October 23 2009 in a civil wedding, it was a beautiful day, however, the time being apart from Mafer was a very sad time for my wife and that is why on our first year being married I gave her a surprise...I had Mafer brought to New York from Peru. Ever since her arrival she has brought happiness to our home and now I cherish the experience of being the proud owner of this beautiful schnauzer who is very sweet, loves long walks and is a very talented singer! My wife and I will now get married in a religious ceremony in Peru and we would love to bring Mafer along and for that we need the right gear for the long 8 hour flight. Bringing her will make this wedding a very special day for we would like her to walk down the aisle with us, she deserves to be there, to us, she's not only a pet but a family member. " ..Carlos and Katherine G.

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