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"I have shared the last 11 years with 2 Congo African Greys. They are sisters, one is named Daria & the other is Jaime. Like sisters they get along most of the time however they do have their tiffs. They are fully flighted and I try and give them the best & safest lives possible. We would love to try a Pak-O-Bird because they love to go outside! However they have destroyed previous screens in similar types of bird carriers. The leashes are not full proof either. Not to mention it is so hard to get them into them! Plus I have to buy new ones every year since they chew through the leash & I fear that the cord will break. I have lost Daria once when she was little and it is an absolute miracle that I got her back. I consider that day to be my Lottery Day! I feel so lucky. But I have been very nervous about letting them out every spring /summer but I do it so they can enjoy some sense of nature. If we do win~ could you send 2 since they’ll fight over it! " ... Tenille

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