Carmen's Frida (Yorkie) and Bella (Shih Tzu)

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"My name is Carmen. These are my babies. I got both of them on the same day, they are a month apart. Frida, my Yorkie, was born June 16th 2003, and Bella, my Shih Tzu was Born July 9th, 2003. I’ve had them since they were both a month old. The way they have changed my life is practically indescribable in words. They travel with me always from LA to NY, and have made my parents and every member of my family fall completely in love with them as well. My dogs have taught me patience, responsibility and unconditional devotion. They are my entertainment, my support, my company, my life. Not a single day goes by that is boring. The best part is waking up with them, it is like Christmas morning every single day. I mean, where else in the world can you get such loving, every time I walk through the door, it is like being bathed in complete love!" "

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