2008 "What I have learned from my Pets"

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From the year 2008 Picture Contest, "what I have learned from my pet" includes:
  • the value of life and how as humans we tend to dwell on our problems
  • love is both giving and taking; it goes both ways
  • everyone who touches your life teaches you something
  • to open my eyes and ears to things I never knew existed
  • if we were small, cute and fuzzy like they are, we would have the world as our oyster too
  • patience, unconditional love and that there is always room in the bed for them, myself and my husband, perhaps!
  • it's okay if you don't speak their language - just smile and wag your tail(so to speak)
  • forgiveness is the key to happiness! Life is too short to hold grudges
  • sharing your life with a pet is a privilege. They always hold you in the highest regard
  • even the most boring, monotonous things in life can be fun
  • zest for life; unconditional Love; always have a smile ready and perseverance
  • the world is full of beauty for those who look for it and those who extend love
  • at the end of the day all that really matters is surrounding yourself with the things and people that you love
  • never give up; be fierce and love yourself as much as you love your dog
  • never pass up a nap in the sunshine and approach all travel opportunities with an adventurous spirit"
  • to kick back and enjoy every moment
  • to be the best I can be
  • life holds beautiful things even throughout times of darkness

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