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"Chuni is a 5 year old black, male pug born in Poland. Chuni currently lives in the Canadian territory of Nunavut (the high eastern arctic) but over the past five years he has lived in Albania, Holland, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Chuni is a world-class traveller and even has his own European-Union passport! With his small size and out-going demeanour, Chuni is a people-pleaser and performer wherever we go. He breaks through the language barrier when we’re in foreign countries by making people laugh and smile. This pug is equally happy going for a hike, attempting to chase airplanes out of the sky or just curling up with “Mom” to watch television." .. Tina R. ps. P.S. He dances whenever his celltei backpack-o-pet comes out of the closet – and he can’t wait to get inside!

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