B-4. Trims - Leather

Add Sophistication to a Travel Bag with Leather Trims

Oh yes, just the right amount of leather trims can bring sophistication to your travel bag.  All leather bags or carriers can be heavy.   Adding only trims can keep the weight to a manageable level.   Try the faux leather if you would want an alternative materials to leather.  The actually color may vary slightly from what you see here as our monitor/screen setting could be different from yours.    

Genuine Leather (limited Quantity)

1. Black

2. Green Camouflage

3. Glittering Silver

4. Dark Brown

5. Metallic Gold

6. Pewter

7. Spicy Orange

8. Navy

9. Patent Black

10. Olive Green

11. Blush Pink

12. Cherry Red

13. White

14. Distressed Silver

15. Natural

16. Purple
Faux Leather (Limited Quantity)

1. Black Pebble Grain

2. Light Brown

3. Wine Stripe

4. Silver Stripe

5. Lilac Suede

6. Lilac Suede Stars

7. Baby Pink

8. Red Orange

9. Crocodile White

10. Crocodile Brown

11. Snake Beige

12. Snake White

13. Egyptian pattern

(Full Egyptian Pattern)