B-3. Mesh Types and Colors

Different Mesh Types and Colorful Options

Mesh not only provides ventilation, it can offer a good disguise for your travel needs.  For birds that love to chew, the stainless steel mesh is a must.  The actually color may vary slightly from what you see here as our monitor/screen setting could be different from yours.    

  1. Knit Netted Mesh - For the best ventilation and durability, the netted mesh offers the most amount of opening and has a strong structure to handle repeated scretching by a pet.  We use this mesh for most dogs and cats carriers.
  2. Smooth Mesh - The smooth nylon mesh offers good ventilation and interesting patterns for more stylish options.   Without affecting the amount of opening, the pattern offers good disguise for traveling in discreet.  It matches better with high end or fashionable materials and lends an luxurious impression.
  3. Stainless Steel Mesh - For parrots that love to chew, it is a must to have.   A smooth and dense surface makes it difficult for the birds to sink its beak in.
Knit Netted Nylon Mesh

1. Black Netted
Smooth Nylon Mesh

2. Black Smooth

3. Beige Smooth

4. Black Checker

5. Beige Checker

6. Green Camouflage

7. Purple Camouflage

8. Beige Plaid

9. Blue Stripe

10. Jean Pattern
Stainless Steel Mesh

11. Stainless Steel