Airline Carrier for a French Bull Dog


Custom Made for a lovely Frenchie

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-pet - large 
Material & Trims: Cordura(R) Green
Lining & Mesh: Khaki lining with green camouflage mesh
Reference Model:
0) Hand-cut fee 
1) Add 1" to width and 1.5" to height with final dimension of 20" L x 12.5" W x 14" H 
2) add 4" side expandable 
3) Top loading entrance as large as possible with solid color top cover extending past the mesh with a full length velcro 
4) no front pocket, both side pockets with zipper 
5) no cellphone pouch and water bottle holder
6) keep all accessories: floor tray set,
shoulder strap, inside security leash, detachable roof support and hard plastic frames, car safety loops, and air conditioning


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