Handsome Airline Pet Carrier for a 22 lb. French Bull Dog Theo

Made to order in 6-8 weeks
Theo, a 22 lbs French Bull Dog sits comfortable waiting to take off to tour with the family

"Theo sits comfortable waiting to take off to tour with the family"
(Photo courtesy of Nicola I.)

Airline Travel Pet Carrier in a sharp Green Camouflage with Orange Trim Color
Special Made for: Theo, a 22 lbs Frenchie
Base Model & Size: Pak-o-Pet - Large
Material & Trims: Green Camouflage with orange leather trims
Lining & Mesh: Black color Lining with Black color smooth mesh


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
  2. Add a single side expansion of 4" in length
  3. Detachable shoulder strap in Orange color leather
  4. No cellphone pouch
  5. Add cushion cover in green camouflage fleece material
  6. Add additional side entrance on the black that can be open flat with same body material and trims
  7. Foldable water or food bowl - small in orange color leather  
Sizing Thoe, a 22 lbs Frenchie for the best carrier

"Sizing Rose for the best pet carrer"
(Photo courtesy of Nicola I.)

Date Completed:    May 2007

Begin with:

As per our phone conversation (about taking Rose and Theo on an air flight), please find attached two information sheets, one for Rose (Pug) and one for Theo (French Bulldog). I would need 2 custom designed bags for both of them based on the information found in the attached documents including the following.

  • BREED: FRENCH BULLDOG , 6 Months Old
  • INTENTED USE: Airline travel – in cabin
  • DIMENSIONS: 21.5” length x 15.5” height x 8” width
  • WEIGHT: 22 pounds
End with:

Thanks again for such an amazing work! The quality of the material used and the quality of the work are fantastic.   The only problem is that now we will be forced to travel more often with our dogs because they love their bags so much that they want to show them to every other dog...

Nicola I.

Theo, the Frenchie touring the world with family

"Theo traveling in style with family"

(Photo courtesy of Nicola I.)