Bird Airline Carrier for a Cinnamon Conure and a Senegal Parrot


Custom Made for a sweet Cinnamon Conure and a not so sweet Senegal Parrot

Base Model and Size: Airline carrier 
Material & Trims: Gold 1680D
Lining & Mesh: Grey lining with stainless steel mesh
Reference Model: PB004

1) Hand Cut fee
2) increase length to 18" 
3) Add a removable divider in the middle that is mostly cover except for the top 3" 
4) Keep a roll of small grommet for attaching cups, add to the front size a water bottle position on both sides 
5) Re-position the perch to be attached on the long side at 3.5", 4", 4.5" from the front to leave enough tail room for the conure. 
6) Perch diameter is 0.75" (waived). come also with two cups

** Water bottles are sold separately.