Double Bird Carrier for a Sun Conure and a Timneh African Grey Parrot


Custom Made for a female Sun Conure Charlie with a problem leg and a female Timneh African Grey Annie

Base Model and Size: Double Pak-o-bird
Material & Trims: Olive 1680D Nylon
Lining & Mesh: Grey lining with Stainless steel mesh
Reference Model: CM0105

- size: 20" L x 12" W x 16" H
- Divider is half covered
- Left for Charlie with perch position at 7" above floor and 9" wide compartment with two perches diameter of 0.7"
- Right for Annie with perch position at 5" above floor and 11" wide compartment with perch diameter of 0.75"
- With wide Panel set with edge extended beyond zipper of 0.25"
- With Monograms in Gold color

* Price of Monograms is not included