Double Bird Carrier for a Quaker Parrot and a Sun Conure


Custom Made for a Quaker and a Sun Conure

Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird Small $205
Material & Trims: Olive green 1680D
Lining & Mesh: Grey with Stainlesss steel mesh
Reference Model: PP002

0) Hand cut fee +$80
1) Increase Length to 18" (Dimensions: 18" L x 10" W x 14" H) +$50
2) With two separate mesh front opening +$50
3) Wide panel set with aluminum sheet +$18
4) The perch is to be set along the “center” with one atop the other. As you are looking at the pack - the left perch position at 4.5” and the right at 5.5” (mostly 0.75”diameter - 9" length)
5) One 5 oz stainless steel cup for each side - left cup position at 6.5” and the right at 7.5”
6) Aluminum support bar for the bottom +$18
7) A pair of front/backpack straps (with adjustable chest strap)
8) Shoulder strap that is one foot longer than the standard strap on the small pack (okay, that makes the strap unsewn at 52")
9) Short webbing handle
10) Roof support bar (yes it is aluminum - waived)
11) Detachable plastic floor panels (waived)
12) D-rings on the support panels to hang toys
13) No Padded Waist Support Strap or Detachable Back Lumber Support Pads
14) No water bottle position